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Army to begin serving vegan food in mess halls

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IDF will offer alternatives to soldiers who opt for an animal-free diet and for leather-free boots and berets.

The Israeli army will offer vegan meals on all bases, canceling the current arrangement under which the Israel Defense Forces supplies soldiers who do not eat any animal products an additional, rarely sufficient, several hundred shekels a month to purchase food.

Additionally, soldiers declaring themselves to be vegan will no longer be subject to a house visit from an NCO — but rather a telephone call to verify that the soldier is, indeed, someone who omits all animal products from his diet, and does not use any animal products, such as leather or wool. The declaration may be made in front of the unit commander, rather than a lawyer.

In Israel, where five percent of the population is reportedly vegan, all soldiers, even those not yet recognized by the army as vegan, will be given the option of receiving non-leather boots and berets.

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