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Anti-Dairy Ads on BART Urge Commuters to Bathe

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Despite the relentless California drought, we're not sure there are too many commuters on BART who'd be okay with their fellow passengers skipping a shower any day of the week.

And the legions of anti-dairy eaters know this.

That's why the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition has unveiled a curious campaign plastering 120 BART cars and 40 BART stations with ads asking commuters to ditch dairy and take a shower (or 27) instead.

What does dairy have to do with the drought, or taking showers for that matter, you ask? As you can see above, the ad says that consumers can save the same amount of water by "skipping one gallon of milk or 27 showers." The ad then hints to the obvious: you stink.

Per the FFAC: The group's focus on dairy production comes in response to numerous recent exposés about the environmental and ethical toll of factory-farmed dairy. At a time when residents are advised to conserve water, direct use by consumers makes up only 4 percent of water consumption in California, compared to meat and dairy production's 55 percent.

This is the third year in a row local supporters have voted to award the nonprofit FFAC nearly $50,000 worth of free advertising on the San Francisco public transit system.

We're not going to tell you what to do about consuming dairy, but we are going to remind you once again to please lather yourself in soap if you plan on commuting with the rest of us.

FONTE: SF Weekly

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