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Australian Vegetarians Get Life Insurance Discount

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Make A Difference Insurance provider is offering reduced policy rates for members who go meat-free.

Australian-based insurance agency is rewarding its vegetarian clients with a 20 percent discount on life insurance premiums reports the Herald Sun. The provider’s managing director Brian Jones noted that mounting research indicates that a meat-free diet is a healthier lifestyle choice and can help stave off chronic conditions such as cancer and heart disease along with a slew of age-related ailments. “There is growing … evidence that suggests vegetarians have a lower risk of serious illnesses such as heart disease, hypertension, cancer, obesity, strokes, osteoporosis, diabetes and kidney disease,” Jones told the news source. He also reported that diets devoid of meat also come with more antioxidants and fiber and help keep cholesterol levels low. Make a Difference is not the first provider to offer reduced rates for those who go veg—England’s AFI insurance agency has a vegetarian term life policy that includes lower premiums for meat-free clients.

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